metroGap e.V.
Berlin, Germany

metroGap - Association for Urban Theory and Practice - was founded in 1999 in Berlin. Members include graphic artists and fine artists, architects and planners as well as social scientists and publishers. MetroGap is a place for the production of texts, images, visualizations and temporary structures.

In its by-laws metroGap explains its goal to be: "…the active promotion of a tolerant, intercultural and socially compatible community." It sees its "central purpose in the promotion and networking of social and cultural initiatives" in order to stimulate an interdisciplinary discussion of and produce solutions for current socio-political issues. The association considers itself to be a node within such networks.

metroGap endorses and supports the virtual reality project Virtuelle Mauer/ReConstructing the Wall. For metroGap it is particularly important to address issues of surveillance, control and exclusion, in order to stimulate the social/political discussion of current walls, borders and border control systems.

metroGap will support the project both as regards content as well as with office space in metroGap.

T+T artist Teresa Reuter is a co-founder of metroGap e.V. and was chair of the association until 2002.

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