Project development for Virtuelle Mauer / ReConstructing the Wall consisted of the following stages:

  • Research
    On the basis of extensive research we chose one of our original three sites along the Wall for further development as our "virtual stage set." (See the "Site" link for more information on each location.) For the chosen site we collected information on the structural phases of the Wall, on the specific urban development at this site and on the events that transpired here during the time of the Wall.

  • Dramatic Concept
    For our chosen site we developed dramatic scenarios that enable users to interactively experience events that transpired here during and after the time of the Wall as dramaturgical consequences of their own actions.

  • Hyper-Storyboard
    We defined the interactivity in and relationships between scenes of the dramatic concept in the hyper-storyboard.

  • Virtual Reality Production
    Production of the artwork consisted of steps such as 3D modeling of the virtual world and its objects, scripting of user interactions with the environment, sound design (music and sound effects,) etc.

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