The virtual reality installation Virtuelle Mauer/ ReConstructing the Wall is shown as a 3m x 4m (~9’ x 12’) interactive 3D computer projection, a life-sized image that immerses users visually in the virtual space and engages their kinesthetic senses. Users will move through and explore the interactive 3D world of the VR artwork with a simple-to-use joystick. [See sketch of installation floor plan.]

Museum Presentations

Virtuelle Mauer/ ReConstructing the Wall had its world premiere at the Museum for Communication in Berlin on August 13, 2008 and was exhibited from August 14 to September 7, 2008. During the Lange Nacht der Museen (Long Night of Museums) on August 30, 2008, the artists were present and led tours through the virtual world.

The US premiere was held on November 7, 2008 at the 911 Media Arts Center in Seattle. There will be a longer exhibit of Virtuelle Mauer/ ReConstructing the Wall in Berlin at the Ephraim-Palais (City Museum of Berlin) in 2009, and an additional exhibit is planned at the Berlin Wall Documentation Center. Further exhibits are in planning at sites around the world - see the Events link for details.

On-site Presentation
The VR installation will be presented in the former death strip as a temporary projection on a large screen or fire wall. This form of “on-site” presentation will enable users to directly contrast the present state of the site with the vanished reality produced in our virtual artwork.

Project Book
A booklet in German and English provides users more detail on the political background, the social differences and the urban circumstances along this section of the Wall. An overview plan shows the development of the Berlin Wall, supplemented by a chronicle of events and a tabular representation of the historical and political contexts. Photographs, aerial photographs and maps provide an overview of the development of the Wall in the project area.

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