Teresa Reuter

Teresa Reuter graduated in 1994 with a degree in architecture from the Technical University Berlin. She was a co-founder of metroGap e.V. – Association for Urban Theory and Practice – and was chair of the association until 2002. In 2003 she founded an office for architecture, visualization and graphics. Since 1997 she has been involved in numerous "art actions," artistic interventions in the public domain on themes of surveillance and privatization of public spaces.

Selected projects:

  • Action art in public spaces: 1997: Thematic city map I: "der gefährliche Stadtplan" ("The Dangerous City Map"), 1998: Thematic city map II: "shoppen – aber sicher" ("shopping - to be sure"), 1998: Potsdamer Platz: "Sie verlassen den öffentlichen Raum" ("You are leaving the public sector") – against social exclusion, privatisation and obsession with security, 1999: Info-Gerüst - temporary info-scaffold installation on the Kosovo War. 2000: metroZone – Video surveillance of public squares, Kottbusser Tor, 2001: Stadtpassage – ("City Passage") scaffolding sculpture in public space in front of La Fabrik, Friedrichshain.
  • Exhibits: 2001: Gleisdreieck – Park oder Bebauung (“park or building development”) 2001: metroClip – video project for the exhibition "hybridvideotracks" on control, surveillance and biometrics, NGbK , 2005: "Scaffold sculptures from 1995-05," exhibition at IBA Lausitz, 2008: "Virtuelle Mauer/ReConstructing the Wall", a virtual reality installation on the Berlin Wall, premiered at the Museum for Communication in Berlin.

Lectures: 1996: Babylonia: lecture series on Berlin „Metropolenrisse“ ("Ruptures in the Metropolis,"), 2000 : metroZone: Event on video surveillance in publics spaces, 2003/2004: Lecturer at the College of Arts Weissensee/Berlin in the interdisciplinary seminar „Fremdkörper-Hygiene-Raum" (Foreign Body-Hygene-Space,). 2004: Lecture on an audio-spatial scaffolding installation for the projekt „Terraphonien,“ IBA Lausitz,


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