Sabe Wunsch Artistic Research, Conceptual Design
Marion Knorr Political Scientist, Research
Isabell Fringer Digital Image Processing, Textures and Mapping
Gabimarie Cissek Image Processing, 2D Character and Object Animation
Martina Ljubenova Textures, Image Processing
Dietmar Elflein Sound Design
Ralph Klesch Management Consulting
Klaus Viehmann Digital Image Processing
Michael Felsch Photography
Sylke Stübner Web Design
Stefanie Gerstmayr Digital Image Processing
Galina Stancheva VRML Scripting
Conrad Noack VRML Script Editing: Object and Character Behaviour
Clea Waite Digital Image Processing, English Translation
Fred Plassmann Video Documentation
Astrid Vogelpohl Video Documentation
Helmuth Philipp Navigation Console Construction
Matei Cioata Character Animation
Grazyna Wilk Textures and 3D Mapping
Thomas Moritz Legal Consulting
Karin Reif, Lutz Dechant, Peter Priegann VR Narrator
Daniel Hendrickson, Serena Patalano VR Narrator

Lunatic Interactive GmbH
Georg Mnich Managing Director
Jens Gernant 3D Modelling, Animation, VRML Scripting
Rene, Ariane, Laura... 3D Modelling, Animation

Bitmanagement Software GmbH
Special thanks to
Peter Schickel Managing Director
Holger Grahn 2D/3D Character Creation and Animation,
Head Scientist for Technical Support

Softline JSC
Special thanks to
Yuri Sivitsky VP Sales and Marketing
Ruslan Olkhovsky VP Outsourcing/Europe
Alexander Nagorny 3D-Modelling support